United Polaris Leads Business Class Service in… Pillows?

American Airlines is my preferred US-based airline, especially for Asia-Pacific and Oceania travel. I’m fortunate that my day job as an analyst pays for business-class travel for flights over 8 hours. But one area that American’s business-class service lags, and this is going to sound petty, is amenities. Namely, the pillows are useless. The stuffing is so loose that your head sinks through the pillow and into the seat/bed.

Enter United. I had to fly United from San Francisco to Frankfurt because of a massive price difference between American and United. One unexpected treat was the travel-size gel pillow. The density and cooling elements were excellent for actually getting some sleep. These gel pillows used to be offered only by request in Polaris, but now they’re broadly available across business class.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for yourself or someone else, United sells these excellent pillows at a reasonable price here. A well-reviewed alternative can be found slightly cheaper on Amazon: Z Travel Gel Dough Memory Foam + Z-Gel Pillow Removable Bamboo Velour Cover – 5-Year Warranty

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